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Which sectors can benefit from fire risk assessment software?

We’ve designed our bespoke fire risk assessment software to make the lives of business owners easier when it comes to tackling fire safety.

As real fire safety experts, with real fire safety experience we have been leaders in the fire safety industry for the past 15 years and before that, we were working on the frontline of fire safety. So we truly understand the frustrations and obstacles that business owners face when wanting to complete their fire risk assessments in the most thorough but cost and time effective way.

But which sectors can most benefit from our fire risk assessment software? Well, quite a few actually…


Hotels face unique challenges in conducting fire risk assessments, mainly due to the constant turnover of guests and the length of time these guests stay. But other factors add extra pressure to hotel owners and their fire safety, such as the age and location of the building, a busy kitchen, and the number of individual hotel rooms contained within the building. Our fire risk assessment software allows you to manage your fire safety with ease and the bespoke nature of our software can be beneficial to hotels. For example, the interactive floorplan feature allows the assessor to tag assessment findings to a bespoke floor plan, saving time on locating building defects and risks.

Care Homes

Housing some of the most vulnerable people in society, fire safety is paramount within a care home setting. Additionally, there are some fire risks that are unique to a care home setting which may not be applicable in other settings. For example, oxygen tanks, emollient skin creams, mobility issues and disabilities, and even electric blanket use. Considering all these risks and more can be a mammoth task but our software can make sure your care home fire risk assessment is accurate, thorough and completely bespoke to your particular care home and its residents.

Schools & Education

Having worked with a range of schools and universities across the country, we really do understand the specific challenges schools face when it comes to fire safety and so we’ve created our fire risk assessment software to reflect that. Additionally, those schools which focus on children with special needs may really benefit from the simplicity yet bespoke nature of our software.

Housing Associations

Housing associations face increased pressures and scrutiny after the events at Grenfell Tower and Responsible Persons will acquire additional responsibilities under the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 which are due to come into force on 23 January 2023. Having worked with large housing associations since 2008, conducting FRAs on their property portfolio and advising on subsequent actions, our fire risk assessment software allows housing associations to manage the many fire risk assessments, and subsequent actions, in a clearer and more straightforward manner – even across multiple sites.

Whichever sector you operate in, contact us to find out more about our fire risk assessment software. Or book a free demo today.