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What does a PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment Entail?

In the realm of fire safety, the process of conducting a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) comes with a host of requirements and regulations. For businesses and organisations seeking to ensure the safety of occupants and protect valuable assets, understanding the intricacies of industry standards is crucial.

In this blog, we’ll explain what the PAS 79 requirements entail and how implementing specialised FRA software like Aurora into your processes can help you meet these higher standards efficiently. 

What is PAS 79?

Introduced by the British Standards Institution (BSI), the PAS 79 guidance. It set out a systematic approach to evaluating fire risks and implementing effective control measures. The assessment process involves a series of steps to identify potential fire hazards, assess the risk of those hazards causing harm, and determine the adequacy of existing fire precautions. The PAS 79 system is used across a variety of building sizes and types, including care homes, commercial buildings, warehouses, hotels and schools.

In 2020, it was revised and remodelled into a stricter code of practice, rather than just a guide. After the harrowing events of Grenfell in 2017, more detail was provided about construction, especially outer walls and cladding. PAS 79-2:2020 was also added, pertaining specifically to homes and residential properties. 

Key Components of a PAS 79 Risk Assessment

The PAS 79 system outlines specific steps for carrying out a thorough risk assessment. The information from the following checks is then set out in a simplistic, pro forma layout.

  1. Gathering details and data pertaining to the structure. This includes the processes carried out in the building and the people present or likely to be.
  2. Identifying not only potential fire hazards but also methods for managing or eliminating them.
  3. Evaluating the probability of a fire occurrence
  4. Examining the existing fire protection measures.
  5. Collecting relevant information concerning fire safety management.
  6. Analysing the potential impact on individuals in the event of a fire.
  7. Assessing the overall fire risk.
  8. Formulating and documenting an action plan.
  9. Establishing a specified date for the periodic review of the fire risk assessment.

The Role of Software in PAS 79 Risk Assessments

With stricter regulations and requirements comes the need for advanced and tailored fire risk assessment software. Traditional methods of conducting risk assessments are quickly becoming obsolete, unable to keep up with multiple properties and the extra documentation required.

Efficiency & Accuracy

Modern processes allow for more automation, meaning fewer human errors and less time being spent on monotonous tasks. It can also give you a comprehensive overview of fire risks by integrating multiple data sources.

Real-time Monitoring

Technological advances mean responsible people have access to continuous monitoring of fire risk factors. Having up-to-date information at hand at all times – and across devices – allows for informed decision-making.

Collaboration Capabilities

Cloud-based platforms, like Aurora, facilitate collaboration across your team and stakeholders. By having access to data regardless of their physical location, your team can stay informed and make real-time updates while on site. 

Bespoke Formatting

Aurora’s main FRA templates are all based on the latest PAS 79 methodology. However, our experienced team can create customised templates, tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

In conclusion, the PAS 79 methodology ensures organisations meet higher standards of safety. By embracing advanced software solutions, businesses can streamline the assessment process, enhance accuracy, and stay proactive in addressing evolving fire risks. As the landscape of fire safety evolves, integrating technology into risk assessment practices becomes not only a necessity but a strategic advantage for those seeking to prioritise safety in a dynamic world.

Transform the way you complete FRAs and meet higher standards with ease with the Aurora software system. For more information on our features and to find out how you can implement Aurora into your processes, contact our experienced team.