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Transforming Fire Risk Assessment Processes in a Competitive Landscape

Fire safety is a paramount concern for businesses up and down the country. Conducting thorough Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) is an essential part of ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting lives and property. Traditionally, this process involved manual inspections, piles of paperwork, and cumbersome record-keeping. However, with the advent of technology, there’s a better way. In this blog post, we’ll explore how fire safety companies can stay ahead of the game by using software like Aurora for their FRAs and how it can enhance overall efficiency.

Manual vs. Software: What’s the Difference?

Although using traditional methods to complete FRAs has worked for decades, it cannot keep up with the ever-changing industry landscape:

Manual inspections: As regulations become stricter, they take up more valuable time for the responsible person. The use of physical notes and checklists also leaves room for human error – or a spilled coffee – to mean having to start again.

Aurora’s FRA software means all you need is a compatible device to complete assessments efficiently, wherever you are. Our bespoke templates allow for you to include everything relevant to your property, or save time by using one of our pre-made ones!

Our actionable insights also mean that throughout your assessment process, Aurora highlights where you can improve your fire safety system and allows you to easily share these with your team.

Masses of paperwork: Although record-keeping for a small property is manageable, larger buildings and portfolios mean folders and folders of paperwork. Missing documents could have heavy consequences.

With Aurora, your documents are all stored electronically, meaning you and your team can access them on a range of devices no matter where you are! You can also allow for your documents to be available offline, no complicated filing systems or bulky paperwork needed.

Limited Accessibility: With the modern world de-localising lots of vital services, your FRAs need to be easily shareable at short notice. Using traditional paper-based methods means risking sending documents through the post or time-consuming amounts of scanning and photocopying.

As mentioned above, Aurora allows you to easily share FRAs and actionable insights with those in and outside of your organisation. However, another helpful feature when it comes to accessibility is the assessor/auditor dashboard. At a glance, see which FRAs are allocated to which individual and which have been completed. Automatic email notifications keep all parties in the loop and save you valuable time. 

What Our Clients Say

It’s not just us that know Aurora is revolutionising the way Fire Risk Assessments are handled, our clients see how we’re different and trust us with their fire safety systems:

“Aurora is an effective fire risk assessment management tool for clients to holistically manage their property portfolio and enables the client to actively document remedial action taken against findings highlighted in the FRA”

  • Stuart Hutchinson, Associate Fire Engineer at BB7

“At Your Housing Group we greatly value the functionality that Aurora provides us. We have, with Total Fire, created a link between our systems meaning that any new FRA actions are uploaded automatically which ensures we maximise the available time to complete our actions. This also ensures we have access to the full FRA at the earliest opportunity and helps us to understand our key risks across our portfolio.”

  • Neil Wilmer, Head of Resident Security at Your Housing Group

Staying ahead of the competition

In the dynamic field of fire safety, professionals constantly seek ways to stay ahead of the curve and ensure the highest level of protection for their clients and assets. By utilising Aurora, you demonstrate your dedication to thoroughness and precision in your assessments, setting you apart as a trusted expert in the industry. Furthermore, it enables you to maintain compliance with ever-evolving fire safety regulations, ensuring that your clients receive the most up to date and comprehensive risk assessments available. 

In essence, fire risk assessment software empowers you to elevate your practice, providing unmatched accuracy, speed, and reliability, and ultimately, helping you to maintain a competitive edge in the world of fire safety.

If you think Aurora can help your business future-proof your FRA systems, take a look at our features, or book a free demo today to try it for yourself!he digital age is revolutionising every sector, with fire safety being no exception. As the importance of regular and accurate fire risk assessments (FRAs) grows, professionals turn to automation to streamline the process. Aurora, our fire risk assessment app stands at the forefront of this transformation. Let’s explore why…

Why Automation Matters

Multiple fire risk assessments and tight deadlines can be overwhelming. Missed reviews or overlooked details can lead to catastrophic consequences. 

Automation in fire risk assessments emerges as a critical tool for a multitude of reasons:

Consistency and Accuracy

Handling numerous FRAs manually can introduce room for human error. These errors might be as simple as a missed data point or as significant as an overlooked risk factor. Automation ensures that every assessment follows a consistent protocol, minimising the chances of mistakes.

Efficient Time Management

Tight deadlines are a reality for many professionals. With automation, tasks that once took hours can now be completed in a fraction of the time. This efficiency allows assessors to focus on the analysis and actionable insights rather than get bogged down with data entry.

Reduction in Paperwork

Relying on physical documents is not just cumbersome but also a risk in itself, given the potential for loss or damage. Automation digitises the entire process, making retrieval, sharing, and storage significantly more straightforward.

Features of Aurora

Transitioning to paperless isn’t merely an eco-conscious decision; it’s an elevation in operational efficiency. Aurora is a comprehensive hub for all FRA essentials, eliminating the chaos of tangible paperwork

Some of its standout features include…

Centralised Dashboard

With Aurora’s centralised dashboard, users gain a bird’s eye view of all ongoing assessments, deadlines, and critical data points. This holistic perspective ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the assessment process.

Standard Paragraphs 

At Aurora we know that when completing multiple assessments, efficiency and continuity is key. Our experience shows that many clients have generic responses to many questions in the fire risk assessment template. This is made simple with our standard paragraphs feature.

This feature allows you to create standard responses and prepopulate answers across all questions and finding types. Paragraphs can be client specific or made generic to suit multiple clients, or your own company requirements.

Collaborative Platform

With Aurora, team members can collaborate, share insights, and maintain consistent records. This fosters a unified approach, ensuring that every member is aligned and informed, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the assessment process.

Secure Data Storage

Aurora understands the importance of data privacy. All data remains encrypted and secure, providing users with the peace of mind that their sensitive information is safeguarded against unauthorised access or breaches.

User-friendly Interface

Simple, intuitive, and designed for professionals at every tech level, Aurora’s interface ensures a smooth user experience, minimising the learning curve and allowing users to focus on the task at hand.

Curious about what Aurora brings to the table? Schedule a free demo today.