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OUR Journey

An idea born out of necessity

We had the idea of forming another company to complement Total Fire in the main core of the work we do; conducting high volume, quality, fire risk assessments for virtually every building category. Back then the fire risk assessment process we used was basic and very time consuming.

Bringing the idea to life

We created our own bespoke fire risk management software: Aurora Data Ltd. Aurora means “Northern Light” and describes a light phenomenon; we thought this would be a fitting name for our new company based in the NW of England.

Mapping, testing & refining the software

Over the next 18 months we worked with a software developer to capture the end to end process of what we term “the fire risk management cycle.” Once the first build was complete we rigorously tested it across multiple platforms including mobile and desktop.

Aurora is launched

Aurora was launched in February 2017 as part of the Total Fire Group. We believe we have a tried and tested system that we couldn’t do business without; we could never go back to Word templates and emails! Over the past 3 years we have added many new features to provide greater functionality and efficiency.

A full upgrade of the Aurora software

Throughout 2022 the team worked hard to carry out a full upgrade of the Aurora software. A full rebrand and reskin of the platform was implemented and a number of new features were added. Not only that, but the software was converted to a Progressive Web App (PWA) ensuring a seamless user experience across multiple devices.

Attended our first expo

The Aurora team had a brilliant three days at The Fire Safety Event at NEC Birmingham. It was the first time attending such an event and it was a great experience, lots of interesting conversations and amazing feedback from existing clients and potential new ones!


Darren Baird

Group Director



David Baird

Sales Director