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Managing fire risk assessments across multiple properties: how Aurora can help

Our experience within the fire safety sector has taught us that if there’s one thing that can make conducting fire risk assessments a real headache, it’s having to manage them across multiple properties.

Having a handful might be manageable, but once you get past 10, 20 and 30 and above, the task just becomes incredibly time-consuming and fiddly to keep straight. If you’re still struggling with Excel spreadsheets or even hard paper documents, we’re here to help.

Here’s how our innovative fire risk assessment software, Aurora, can help you easily manage fire risk assessments across multiple properties.

Automation of reminders and tasks

A great feature of our fire safety software is how automated everything is. The software keeps a database of all your properties and reminds you when it’s time to book their fire risk assessments. It also messages the client and fire risk assessment company when an assessment is due on one of your properties and automatically sends emails when work is allocated, reducing admin time and human error.

Complete overview of assessors

Our assessor/auditor dashboard allows you to see at glance the number of fire risk assessments and audits assigned to each individual and where deadlines for completion are overdue so you can easily get a complete overview of what needs to be done at which property and when.

Assigning tasks to contractors based on recommendations 

When you have multiple properties to deal with, it can be a mammoth task having to assign recommendations from each property, ensuring all the information is passed along correctly to the relevant contractors. Additionally, communicating these recommendations to external contractors and your team can be tricky and disjointed when a property owner is relaying the information from the fire risk assessor. Our fire risk assessment software allows you to forward a fire risk assessor’s recommendations straight to external contractors or your team directly in the platform. 

Uploading floor plans and images to accurately highlight findings

Each of your properties may have completely different floor plans and layouts, or they may be exactly the same. In any case, when you conduct your fire risk assessments, each property will have their own findings in different places.  As you can imagine, detailing these findings with a high degree of accuracy can be incredibly time consuming and traditionally, may not have been very easy or indeed accurate. However, Aurora allows fire risk assessors to upload and share digital floor plans to their platform; pinpointing exact locations and adding notes directly to the plan for complete transparency and accuracy. There’s even a function to add pictures to different areas to better highlight the issues that need fixing within each property.

Try our bespoke fire safety software

Born out of the need to manage multiple risk assessment actions and keep track of various sites and the actions within those sites, Aurora allows you to do so all in one place – the only software of its kind. Its simplicity and convenience is like no other fire risk assessment software currently available and it makes fire risk assessments for those who have to juggle multiple sites with individual fire safety concerns that much easier to manage.

To find out more about how Aurora can help revolutionise your fire risk assessments, book a free demo.