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How software can streamline your fire risk assessment processes

Implementing fire risk assessment software can make your assessment processes more efficient and seamless. The result? Better compliance, increased safety and less time spent actually carrying out fire risk assessments. If you’re looking to operate in a more efficient way, here’s how software can streamline your fire risk assessment processes.

1. Real time data in one place

Fire risk assessment software gives you access to real time data in one place with updates highlighted immediately. This ensures you are always on top of necessary actions and can respond as quickly as possible to ensure you always stay compliant. 

2. Going paperless

Having one, unified online system, not only removes the need to have to record everything by hand, it also means you never have a mountain of paperwork when you want to look at past documents. But going paperless also brings about a whole host of other benefits too, from increased data security to standardised input practices.

3. Assigning tasks with ease

One of the most satisfying ways of streamlining is being able to allocate fire risk assessment actions to the relevant person, right through to sign off or completion. By implementing a software solution, the whole process of assigning tasks is completely simplified and our fire risk assessment software even has a dashboard which provides a global view of all your fire safety assessors and their workloads, allowing you to view in-progress and overdue assessments.

4. Scaling up becomes easier

The bigger a business grows, the more valuable your time as a business owner becomes, so any tool that can streamline the processes used every day is a welcome improvement and gives you time back to focus on other aspects of your company. Using fire risk assessment software allows you to optimise the entire risk management processes, making it faster, better documented and easier to complete. 

5. Create bespoke reports

Fire risk assessment software also allows you to create extensive, bespoke digital reports in minutes. Never again will you be boxed into templates that don’t apply to you, your project, or your business. Having bespoke reports makes your fire risk assessments more accurate and you can make updates on particular projects at any time, from any place and view past updates on the system too.

6. Increased fire safety protection

When you need to carry out multiple fire risk assessments across several properties, it can quickly become a mammoth undertaking. And unfortunately, when it comes to fire safety, we just don’t have the luxury to phone it in or drop the ball. Fire safety is a continuous, ongoing priority, or at least it should be, and if you have multiple sites to consider, it’s a lot of work to take on. However, fire risk assessment software allows you to stay on top of fire risks across multiple sites a whole lot easier which makes your overall fire safety better. Fire risk assessment can keep your building safe and up to date with the latest fire legislation, ensure tasks are completed by the appropriate people and people are protected.

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