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Complete the online booking form to get a free 1-1 or online demo with a member of the Aurora team at your convenience.

Use Custom Templates Or Create Your Own

Aurora has custom built templates which include residential, commercial and pre occupancy. Aurora also has the functionality for you to create your own custom templates and add your own standard paragraphs.

Complete Your Assessments

Aurora is a web based app and fire risk assessments can be completed on any device. Floorplans can be added to any assessment, allowing assessors to tag the precise location and image of assessment findings.

PDF Assessments Sent Direct To Client

On completion, the fire risk assessment is automatically emailed to the client, saving on admin time.

Fire Risk Management Cycle

Once assessments are completed the client can login to the app and assign actions from the FRA to internal or external contactors allowing them a full audit trail of their FRA actions from start through to completion all of which is tracked on the client dashboard. Clients will also receive notification emails from Aurora when actions and assessments are due to be reviewed.