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How fire safety software can ensure compliance in the housing sector

The fire safety challenges facing the housing sector

Managing fire safety across multiple sites can be challenging, especially when it comes to ensuring compliance with relevant fire safety regulations. Specifically, those within the housing sector can find it particularly difficult to keep on top of their various sites.

Research has shown that fire safety now ranks as a top concern for social housing landlords including local authorities, housing associations and others. Specifically in relation to the communal areas of these types of buildings and the guidance surrounding communal space.

However, following the successful passage of the Fire Safety Bill 2021 through parliament,  there is now clear guidance about what constitutes the ‘communal parts’ of a building and exactly who must take responsibility for fire protection in these areas.

The benefits of using software

Through our fire risk assessment software, we make managing the many fire risk assessments, and subsequent actions more efficient, helping housing associations who have multiple sites streamline their whole fire risk management process.

Here are some benefits of using our fire risk management software to cover multiple sites within the housing sector.

Manage your fire safety data in one place

One of the most significant benefits of fire risk assessment software for those within the housing sector is that it provides an easy way to manage fire safety data and documentation for all of your sites in one place. This includes your in depth fire risk assessments across all sites. By storing this information in one central system, you can quickly and easily access the information you need at any time, at any of your sites.

Assigning Tasks To Contractors in Client Portal

When you have multiple properties to deal with, it can be a mammoth task having to assign recommendations from each property, ensuring all the information is passed along correctly to the relevant contractors. Our fire risk assessment software allows your clients to assign tasks straight to the action owners directly from the client portal. once complete evidence of completed works can be uploaded and visible to the clients and assessment companies providing a complete audit trail.

High level of visibility across all sites

Our fire safety software also provides a high level of visibility across all your sites in real time on the global dashboard. You can quickly see which sites are compliant and which ones may need attention, allowing you to prioritise your efforts and allocate resources accordingly. This can help you to be more proactive in managing fire safety and prevent potential issues before they arise.

Store data securely and reduce paperwork

Fire safety software can help you to demonstrate compliance to regulatory authorities. With all of your fire safety data and documentation stored in one place, you can quickly generate reports and audit trails to show that you are meeting your obligations. This can help to reduce the administrative burden of compliance and give you peace of mind knowing that you are meeting your regulatory requirements.

Our fire risk assessment software  is quickly becoming an essential tool for those managing fire safety across multiple sites, especially within the housing sector. Aurora provides a centralised system for managing fire safety data and documentation, automates many of the time-consuming tasks involved in compliance, and offers high levels of visibility across all of your sites. With our fire safety software, you can ensure full compliance with fire safety regulations and maintain the safety of your employees and customers across all your sites.

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