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The Role of Fire Door Inspection Apps in Meeting Fire Safety Compliance

The fire safety industry is ever-changing. New laws pull our focus and technological advancements change our processes. One of these advancements is the Fire Door Inspection App. The January 2023 legislation changes have brought the importance of fire doors to the front of our minds. So, in this blog, we’re exploring the role of dedicated fire door apps in meeting legal requirements.

What is a Fire Door Inspection App?

In building safety, it can be tempting to just stick with methods that have worked for years. Manual record-keeping and paperwork have ruled the sector for decades, but it’s time for an update. This is where fire door apps are helpful. They take all the functions of manual inspection records and put them online, where they can be easily stored, edited and accessed.

How Do They Ensure Compliance?

One of the main issues with paper-based systems is compliance. In the fire safety sector, we must follow regulations to provide a high standard of safety to our clients and building users. So, having technology that supports your compliance goals can be a true game-changer. Here are some ways that fire door apps can transform your compliance process.

The ‘Golden Thread’

Part of this is providing the ‘golden thread’ of information. This means compiling information about the lifespan of a fire door, from installation to obsolescence. With paper records, crucial information can be lost, damaged or stolen. This could mean that in the event of a fire, there’s no way to know who is at fault. 

With traditional methods, you must either scan paperwork individually or have physical copies. However, fire door inspection apps give you access to cloud-based storage available from any device. Being able to easily share it with your team, residents and local authorities takes away a massive administrative burden.


Another issue with legacy systems is that they don’t evolve over time. This means you might be missing key data points at your inspections. Fire door inspection apps empower inspectors with real-time access to information and resources. They can also be regularly updated remotely to meet your needs, so you know you’re giving clients and building users the latest in fire door safety.


Nowhere is accuracy more important than in the safety of people and assets. But, with paper-based systems, there are no checks and balances so wrong information can slip through the cracks. Digital fire door inspection apps can include built-in validation checks and prompts. With more people able to look over your work, you are reducing the likelihood of problems. These tools, as well as easy access by other members of your team, mean you can be confident in your accuracy.

Streamlined Outputs

The inspection is only half of the process of maintaining your fire doors. What many systems fail to consider is the effectiveness of your outputs. With fire door apps like Aurora’s, you have access to intuitive client dashboards. Here, you can see all of your doors at a glance and manage the next steps.

Fire safety isn’t a solitary task. It requires a well-informed team of inspectors, contractors and suppliers. So, ensuring that everything runs smoothly is a must. Paper-based systems can slow down your operations and mean things get missed. With fire door apps, you can even utilise email notifications, so assigning actions and getting them completed is a breeze.


One benefit of switching to digital fire safety management is integration. You likely already use some form of software to manage data. But, with paper-based inspection software, there’s no direct link between data collected on site and management in the office. Some fire door inspection apps – like Aurora’s – offer integration with other fire safety software. This integration can streamline workflows and data sharing between different departments or stakeholders involved in compliance management.

In conclusion, fire door inspection apps represent a significant advancement in fire safety management. They offer efficiency, accuracy, and compliance assurance. By replacing outdated paper-based systems with digital solutions, you can streamline inspection processes, enhance data accessibility, and mitigate risks effectively.

Moreover, the scalability and adaptability of these apps ensure you’re ready for any future regulatory changes. In an industry like fire safety, being able to be agile to new advancements is vital. As the cornerstone of a proactive safety culture, fire door inspection apps are indispensable tools in safeguarding lives and property against the devastating impact of fire.

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