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FEATURE FOCUS: Managing assessors and workloads

Feature Focus is a monthly piece of content that highlights one of Aurora’s unique features which allows clients to seamlessly complete the fire risk management cycle. Aurora is our bespoke fire safety software that is revolutionising fire safety processes.

In this month’s feature focus we are going to take a look at the administrator dashboard which helps you efficiently manage your assessors and their workloads.

Take a look at the video below to find out more!

How the administrator dashboard works

At Aurora we understand that managing a team of assessors and their workloads can be challenging, and keeping track of this on spreadsheets can be time consuming and messy. It’s easy for jobs to slip through the cracks and for tasks to become way overdue.

That’s why we created the administrator dashboard. With this feature you are able to track your assessors’ workloads in real time, see how many assessments they have in progress, completed, assigned with no action and overdue.

You can use the dashboard to re-allocate and distribute FRA work and Aurora also automatically sends emails when work is allocated, reducing admin time.

This innovative and easy to use feature will completely streamline how you manage your team and make allocating fire risk assessments that much more efficient.

Contact a member of the team to arrange a free demo of Aurora’s full features and functionality.

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