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FEATURE FOCUS: Interactive Dashboard & Filters

Feature Focus is a monthly piece of content that highlights one of Aurora’s unique features which allows clients to seamlessly complete the fire risk management cycle. Aurora is our bespoke fire safety software that is revolutionising fire safety processes.

In this month’s feature focus we are going to take a look at how Aurora can help streamline your fire risk management process with the client interactive dashboard and filters.

Take a look at the video below to find out more!

A comprehensive overview of their fire risk status

If you’re still struggling searching through multiple Excel spreadsheets or even hard paper documents, we’re here to help.

Aurora’s interactive dashboard provides you with a real-time global view of your fire risk position across all your properties.

Giving clients a comprehensive overview of their fire risk status, and encompassing all completed and pending fire risk assessments and actions, the displayed actions are arranged by risk rating and divided into life risk actions and property protection actions. This feature enables clients to identify assessment findings that contravene the Fire Safety Order.

What’s even better about Aurora is that you can drill down and access the details you need to complete your actions, in one click. This allows you to prioritise your efforts and allocate resources accordingly, ensuring you’re working in a much more efficient way.

Additionally, you can apply multiple filters and create reports on any property status, finding type, and risk and priority ratings. This allows you to access your fire safety information at any time, all in one place whilst simultaneously streamlining the way you complete and manage your fire risk assessments.

Managing your fire safety doesn’t have to be overly complicated and time-consuming – not with Aurora. To discover more amazing features of our fire risk management software or to book a free demo, contact us today.

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