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FEATURE FOCUS: Completing The Fire Risk Management Cycle

Feature Focus is a monthly piece of content that highlights one of Aurora’s unique features which allows clients to complete the fire risk management cycle. Aurora is our bespoke fire safety software that is revolutionising fire safety processes,

This month we’re looking at the ability to attach evidence for completed findings.

Take a look at the video below to find out more!

How does this feature work?

This important feature allows contractors or internal staff to add evidence to findings once they have been completed.

For example, during a routine fire risk assessment, a damaged fire door is found. The client can then assign this finding to a contractor and create a task to go to site and repair said damaged fire door. The contractor will attend the site, complete the work and can then take before and after pictures, upload completion certificates or any form of evidence that shows this work has been completed. Evidence can be uploaded as images, short videos, PDF’S, or certificates, and can be stored and accessed by assessors, contractors and client managers, allowing a full audit trail.

Why is this feature so important?

Those who are in charge of managing a large property portfolio can struggle to manage their fire risk assessment actions – this is where Aurora can help. It allows you to set up various action owners and once these action owners have been set up, they can be assigned tasks and notification emails will be sent with task details and locations of any building defects or risks. Once these actions have been completed, clear evidence is attached to confirm this. Essentially this allows you to track part of the findings life cycle and in turn helps complete the overall fire risk management cycle by tracking all completed, outstanding and pending tasks on the global dashboard.

Maintaining the “golden thread” of building safety

We also understand the importance of maintaining the “golden thread” of building safety information that will be required to be evidence to the Building Safety Regulator.

The golden thread covers both the information about a building that allows someone to understand a building and keep it safe, and the information management to ensure the information is accurate, easily understandable, can be accessed by those who need it and is up to date. And Aurora’s fire risk management cycle is an integral part in capturing building safety data.

We truly believe this feature will revolutionise the way you manage your fire risk assessment actions and assist you in completing the fire risk management cycle.

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