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Our most frequent questions and answers

Aurora is a progressive web app which means it is compatible on any device including both Android and IOS.

Aurora has full offline functionality and fire risk assessments can be completed on site with or without access to the internet.

Aurora understands that not every organisation works in the same way, that’s why we have a bespoke template builder, and we can create templates that work for you.

Aurora has a standard paragraph feature which allows you to add standard or client specific responses which speeds up your assessment process. This feature will improve the quality and continuity of assessments you provide to your clients and ensure your assessors are providing continuity of advice.

Yes, Aurora’s Interactive floor plans allow assessors to tag precise location of findings, saving assessors, clients and contactors time when locating building defects and risks. This feature will revolutionise the way you complete your fire risk assessments and deliver them to your clients.

Setup time is dependent on the size of the organisation and if bespoke templates are required, however we have a quick turnaround period, and most companies can be up and running within 2 weeks which includes training.

Aurora takes data security seriously. Each client is stored on a separate database and can only be accessed by authorised client users. All data is stored in Microsoft azure servers.

Our plans start from £100 per month. The monthly fee depends on the size of your organisation and the number of users that need use the software.

The initial sign-up period is for 12 months.