New Fire Door Inspection App: Launching Soon!

Fire Door Inspection App

Complete fire door surveys on site or offline​

Compatible on any device, our new app will allow you to complete and update surveys wherever you are

Collect the information & specifications of each door in a building, including:

- Fire rating
- Certification
- Leaf configuration
- Leaf & frame finish

Take photos of the door and attach to your survey

Seamlessly take pictures and upload to the corresponding survey

Pinpoint the door's location on a floor plan

This feature will allow you to pinpoint the precise location of a fire door on your floor plans

Attach QR code stickers to the door

Scan the QR code sticker to recall the door in future door reviews

User friendly client portal

Allowing you to filter door defects and run reports on estimated remedial costs

Easily assign door defects to contractors

Our app will allow you to assign action points to the necessary contractor, and keep on top of progress

Client global dashboard

Allowing you to see the status of all doors and defects in one place

Simplicity and convenience

Have everything amalgamated in one place - the only software of its kind