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Choosing the Best Fire Door Inspection App: Features to Look For

In the past year, fire door inspections have been brought to the forefront, with updates to regulations and inspection protocols. As the backbone of any fire safety arsenal, they require relevant checks and safety measures to ensure they provide the full range of safety features. In this blog, we explore some of the key features you should be looking for when choosing which fire door inspection software to implement.

Why Choose a Dedicated Fire Door Software?

As fire safety regulations continue to evolve, businesses and organisations are turning to innovative solutions to streamline their safety protocols. This includes dedicated software – more recently apps – for specific parts of fire safety inspections. When it comes to fire doors, there are a variety of parts that create the layer of safety they provide. This ranges from the leaf and hinges to seals and glazing. Managing the condition of these, especially across all of the doors in your property, can be a time-consuming process.

Features to Consider

Over the past year, a lot of fire door-specific software has been released, with companies trying to meet the demand. However, depending on the needs of your team, the best choice might vary. Here are some of the key features we believe are important to any fire door inspection software. 

Offline Capability & Document Sharing

One of the worries surrounding digital records for inspections is not being able to access them offline. Sometimes your team are off the beaten path, so being able to complete paperwork on the go is a must. It’s also important to ensure that once back on the internet, data can be shared easily across your team. 

Customisation Capabilities

The requirements for doors in a hotel are drastically different to those in a supermarket or residential building. This is why it is important to choose software that can be customised to meet your needs. Bespoke templates take out unnecessary questions and streamline the inspection process without compromising the quality of your output. 

Intuitive Dashboard

One of the benefits of digital fire door inspections is that data can easily be collated into a dashboard. This is where you can see information about all of the doors on your property. You can also identify any defects at a glance, as well as the progress of the actions your team has taken.

Easy Record-Keeping

The thing that sets modern software apart from paper-based processes is the ability to keep records effectively. In the fire safety world, maintaining the ‘golden thread’ of information is important. With innovative new software, you can tag doors and easily access the records of their lifespan.

Aurora’s Fire Door App

At Aurora, our goal is to innovate the fire safety inspection process, making it easier to keep people safe. It runs through everything we do, including our new Fire Door Inspection App. Over the past year, we have carefully developed our app with fire safety professionals in mind for the best experience. With features like offline capability, customisable templates and QR code tracking, it is one of the most comprehensive pieces of fire door inspection software on the market. 

If you’re looking to transform your fire door inspections, the Aurora fire door app is the way forward. To learn more and get a free demo, contact the Aurora team today