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3 signs you might need fire risk assessment software

Managing fire safety is a big job for any commercial business, but it’s something that’s simply unavoidable. And, for large commercial spaces, and especially for those business owners with multiple sites, staying up to date with fire safety regulations is a time-consuming and arduous task. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Fire risk assessment software has changed the way businesses conduct their fire safety and means you’re no longer having to rely on multiple Excel spreadsheets and cluttered Google calendars.

Implementing fire risk assessment software has the ability to transform the way you carry out your processes, and it can really revolutionise your business in terms of time efficiency and productivity. Here are three signs you might need to get some fire safety software…

1. You’re missing important FRA dates

If you’re still manually entering the dates and reminders for your fire risk assessments, it only takes a small error or slip of the mind, especially if you’re dealing with a number of properties, to throw your whole calendar off. Our fire safety software means you’ll never miss an important FRA date again. Automated reminders tell you what needs doing and when, with plenty of time to spare and they even directly message the client and fire risk assessment company when an assessment is due on one of your properties.

2. Important tasks are getting missed

We all dream of a fire risk assessment that flags no actions to be completed but that’s not always the case. A lot of the time, important tasks need to be completed after the fire risk assessment has been completed and that involves assigning tasks and checking they’ve been done. If you’re finding that these tasks are getting missed, you’re going to run into serious problems and it may be time to get a helping hand. Whether it’s due to a lack of communication on who is responsible or it’s unclear what actions need to be done, our fire risk assessment software can help. Our software lets you directly assign them to internal stakeholders or external contractors and you don’t have to manually chase. This ensures that no actions are missed or left unattended to,  and notes can also be made that are time stamped right through to the action being completed and signed off.

3. Logging and reporting on FRAs is becoming too time consuming


Recording everything by hand and sifting through mountains of paperwork to find what you need can be extremely laborious and that’s only made worse once you factor in multiple locations. However, fire safety apps provide all of your fire risk management needs online, in one place, on one system to drastically reduce time spent logging and reporting and cuts down all your paperwork. You can also use the dashboard to re-allocate and distribute FRA work and automatically send emails when work is allocated to reduce overall admin time – even for multiple locations.

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